CINDY & BISCUIT no.2 is here!

February 29, 2012

Okay, it’s finally done – 44 pages of comics goodness, featuring everyone’s favourite angry little girl and her dog!

£3.50 (+p&P) – head over to the Shop  to purchase:


Features the stories Cindy & Biscuit and the Secrets of Summer, Biscuit Beyond (as seen right here), the epic 18 page Cindy vs The Sea, Cindy & Biscuit and the Snowman and Excerpts from Cindy’s Diary.

I really am super-pleased with this. It’s the best comics work I’ve ever done and ,after the great reception the first issue got, I’m hoping you’re going to love it too.

Click below for some teaser images…

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Cindy & Biscuit: A violence-prone, fearless little girl and her loyal best friend, who regularly save the world from disgusting aliens, tussle with giant werewolves and have adventures in outer-space.

Or do they?

(B+W, 24 pages)

£2.50 (+£1.50 p&p) 


While you’re there, check out the SALE on Terminus!

Click below for sample pages…

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Let’s get married!

May 27, 2010

I did this ‘save the date’ piece for my best friend, Sabbath co-conspirator Mr Six, who’s getting hitched this year. He wanted something different and that’s what he got.

Can’t go wrong with scary animal heads. It’s a guaranteed winner.

So my friend Lee worked on the set design for the new KICK ASS! movie, adapting Mark Millar and John Romita’s hugely successful comic. He very kindly used one of my images as a poster on young Dave’s (the hapless protagonist) bedroom wall. I donated the following delightful image:

I call it ‘rotten cheesecake’ artwork. Lovely.

Keep an eye for it in the film. I know I’ll be scouring the movie with eagle eyes for a fleeting glimpse of it.

Apparently it’s in the background here – you can make it out just in the far left corner I think. My friend Lee reckons it gets a nice shot in the film itself. Can’t wait to find out for myself…

So I can say that I worked on the design for KICK ASS! can’t I…?

Maybe not. But it’s still pretty cool huh?

Last Summer

November 26, 2009

This is the first page of a strip I recently produced for New British Comics #2, a Polish/British co-production highlighting fresh new Brit comics talent…such as me!

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