Monsters STILL know best…

Here’s another version I did of my Monsters Know Best strip. Pitched to a recently relaunched British kids comic, but sadly they didn’t take the bait. I really like the quality of cartooning I achieved though.


2 thoughts on “Monsters STILL know best…”

  1. ‘Eyup! Just thought I’d “drop you a line” to say how much I liked your comic in that British comics anthology…one of about four decent stories! I know that’s a bit harsh but…okay I’ll stop now, lest you think I’m a total hater. I love your nice chunky brush line, bloody gorgeous. Great comic above, too–funny punchline!

  2. Well that’s mighty kind of you stranger. Mighty kind. Keep an eye out for ‘Cindy & Biscuit’ – a full length B+w comic from yours truly. Should be out in a month or so. Watch this space…

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