Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free Biscuit

I was involved in the Free Comic Book Day activities at wonderful Gosh Comics, best comic shop in London, and sponsor of SILENCE!

I spent the day, along with Warwick Johnson Cadwell (Tank Girl), Gary Northfield (Derek The Sheep, Teeny Tinysauryus) , Viviane Schwarz (There are Cats In This Book), Mark Buckingham (Miracleman, Fables, Tyranny Rex), David O’Conell and Lawrence Campbell (Avengers, BPRD), doing cartooning workshops with kids, and drawing on Gosh’s windows – lovely!


Proud to see Biscuit  alongside comics finest, displayed to the seedy patrons of Soho!


Lovely Gary Northfield applies his mastery to Rupert The Bear, about to bodyslam Biscuit by the looks of thing, while Viviane Schwartz’s Little My advances for the attack…


WJC applies his singular style to Tank Girl’s singular style…


..and the results are ace!


The very talented (and upcoming BPRD artist) Lawrence Campbell gets down with Ol’ Stony Face.


And finally a nice Batman from British comics hero, Mark Buckingham.

Thanks to Andrew, Julia, Mike and Tom at Gosh for a great fun day, and to all of the aspiring comics artists and future megastars I met that day (Faisah, Joe, and the kids who invented Red Skeleton, Cat Claws, Purple Pirate, Zombrella and Dr Elephant!).


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