Well it’s very exciting to finally announce this. CINDY & BISCUIT are being published by ONI PRESS in August this year!! I am so thrilled at this – I can’t think of a better home for my babies, and Oni have been publishing incredible all-ages comics for 25 years plus!

The book will be 192 pages, with a beauitiful two-colour palette throughout. It brings together the best of my self-published material, recoloured, relettered and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Official announcement is here.

Over the next months I’m going to be dropping lots of teaser images, production notes and general excited squealing, so keep your eyes peeled. SO OVER THE MOON!!


Another strip from Sundays. Nothing I like more than cutting loose with a truly kinetic Cindy & Biscuit dust-up. Here we see Cindy displaying some of her patented ‘Stick-Fu’!


STICKY RIBS no.2 is here. Featuring two brand new horror stories, ‘LAST SUMMER’ and ‘CHRISTMAS AT BUNTY’S’. Also features another ‘THE FEAR THAT MADE ME’ essay, this time about ‘GHOSTWATCH’

Here’s what others have said about STICKY RIBS…

“Two brilliant strips, showcasing just how good short comics have the potential to be, plus delivering thoughtful, spine-tingling horror.”

Sticky Ribs so embodies everything that makes White’s work so appealing – that morbid charm, that contrast of the pedestrian and the netherworldly, that juxtaposition of the blasé and the horrific”

So what are you waiting for. Go to THE SHOP right now and get your paws on a copy. And pick up STICKY RIBS 1 while you’re there if you haven’t already.